We provide a broad range of career service and employment solutions to help facilitate career change and optimize employment potential and success. Our unique approach is not only what differentiates us, but also what makes us successful.

Professional Curriculum Vitae (CV) Development

Professional Curriculum Vitae (CV) Development

We can develop bespoke and impactive CV’s that target and combine your key employment strengths, competencies and attributes into a marketable package to employers.

We take the time to analyse your skills through assessment and coaching techniques to ensure you maximise your potential in ‘selling’ your true potential.

Employment Profiles

Employment Profiles

Profiles can be utilised with job search activities to capture the attention of employers and recruiters. There is an ever growing need to have digital profiles for employers to match your career ambitions and employment skills.

Employment Profiles pinpoint your skills, knowledge and experience potential and can be targeted at specific career aspirations.


Career Assessment & Planning - Guidance & Development

Wanting a career or job change? Wanting advice or guidance in making employment decisions? We provide tailored career and employment assessment services to effectively identify new or alternative employment potential.

Planning for employment is key as you need to not only identify your employment abilities but also any barriers you may face and strategies to overcome these barriers.

  • Exploring Career Options
  • Undertake Research of Labour Market
  • Determine Your Job Target – decision making, setting goals, overcoming barriers
  • Build Your Employment Profile and Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Prepare for Your Job Search – strategies, interviews, presentation
  • Launch Your Job Search

Employment Preparation Services

We offer a ‘wraparound’ preparation service that may include training or guidance in:

  • Occupational Assessment – career analysis
  • Psychosocial Career Guidance - taking control over the decision-making and overcoming low confidence
  • CV Development – employment strengths basedstrengths-based presentation
  • Bespoke Cover Letter Preparation – targeted and specific
  • Job Search Tactics – utilising best job search practices for specific jobs
  • Job Interview Skills – coaching in questioning types and preparation techniques


Making or planning a transition from school to work can be daunting for parents and students. We offer a practical based approach to assisting potential school leavers or those who have left school.

Making career or employment decisions can be made easier through effective planning which may include:

  • Developing plans for careers – tertiary education pathways to employment including establishing ‘back up’ plans if change of educational direction
  • Seeking paid employment opportunities and/or work experience to gain employment profile
  • Developing career management competencies
  • Identifying vocational personality, values and interests

Out Placement Services

We can provide comprehensive ‘redeployment’ services for those effected by redundancy or job change requirements.

  • One-on-one coaching
  • Practical support tailored to suit the individual’s needs
  • Identifying different employment options for the next step in career/ life
  • Identifying key skills and preferences, key achievements, values and drivers
  • Preparation Services
    • CV targeted to desired roles with appropriate cover letter
    • Job Search Techniques - a proactive approach seeking employment
    • Interview Techniques – how to present confidently in an interview
    • Job Search Services – seeking new paid employment opportunities

Restoration & Rehabilitation Services

A range of new or alternative rehabilitation solutions for people with injury, disability and health conditions.  This includes looking holistically at client environment both work and personal to maximise people obtaining meaningful employment.

We provide with our partners Proactive Rehabilitation and Alpha Consultants Ltd full vocational rehabilitation services:

  • Initial Occupational Assessment (IOA)
    – assessment of work history, education, training and transferable skills
  • Back to Work Programmes (BTW)
    – individualised vocational rehabilitation to maximise a person return to work (same employer – same job, same employer – new job, new employer- new job)
  • Job Search Services (JS)
    – full one on one job search assistance in seeking paid employment

Psychosocial Career Services

Psychosocial supports help individuals to heal the psychological wounds and rebuild social structures after an emergency or a critical event. It can help change people into ‘active survivors’ rather than passive victims.

Rehabilitation is provided to clients to promote returning to employment through motivational and client self-achievement activities.  These will be imbedded into traditional rehab services; however, modules focus on self-achievement goals to return back to work including more focus with on the job training services.